Photocredit (c) Trevor Buntin

Photocredit (c) Trevor Buntin



Thursday, 17 June 2021, 6 pm CET 

Drag, a key concept in Gender Studies, has been theorized as a practice of queering, of re-signifying. Against the backdrop of manifold articulations of colonialism and racism, this transdisciplinary conference aims at re-thinking „drag". It brings together scholars and artists from different parts of the globe to address, to historicize and to contextualize – to face – practices of othering and of mimesis in performing arts and in popular culture.


Organized by Evelyn Annuß, Mariama Diagne 

mdw-Gender Studies (IKM)






Zoom-Registration until 16 June: Benedikt Arnold (IKM) 

For further requests and information please contact: Mariama Diagne