Accociate Professor at the Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies ad mdw. From October 2019 Deputy Head of the Structured Doctoral Programme at mdw. Co-organizer of isaScience. In 2018 she was awarded the venia docendi in the field of Cultural Institutions Studies (Kulturbetriebslehre) and after positive evaluation and tenure decision became associate professor at mdw. Since 2016, Dagmar Abfalter has been certified as a Certified Supervisory Expert for supervisory board activities. She serves as a member of the Senate of mdw and, since 2018, as chair of the mdw - University Teachers Assocation (ULV-MDW). Since January 2019 Chairwoman of the Association for Cultural Management. Since 2013 she has been assistant professor at the Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies (IKM) at mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Read more...


Research focus

  • cultural studies and cultural business administration

  • leadership and aesthetic leadership

  • qualitative research methods




KO Kulturbetriebslehre 1 alternativ Musikmanagement 1 – Projektmanagement im Musikbetrieb

SE Kulturmanagement und Kulturwissenschaft 1 – Projektmanagement im Musikbetrieb

SE Kulturmanagement und Kulturwissenschaft 2 - Management - Kultur - Diversität

SE Kulturmanagement und Kulturwissenschaft 1 – Strategie und Marketing

SE Kulturmanagement und Kulturwissenschaft 1 – Projektmanagement im Musikbetrieb

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Publications (selected)


Abfalter, D. (2010): „Das Unmessbare messen? Die Konstruktion von Erfolg im Musiktheater“ [Measuring the unmeasurable? The construction of success in music theatre], VS Research, Wiesbaden. 

Abfalter, D./ Piber, M. (2016): “Strategizing Cultural Clusters: Long-Range Socio- Political Plans or Emergent Strategy Development?”, Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society, Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 177-186. 

Zaglia, M.E./ Waiguny, M.J.K./ Abfalter, D. /Müller, J. ( 2015): “The influence of online social networks on performance of small and medium enterprises: an empirical investigation of the online business to business network XING”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 1-23. 

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Abfalter, D./ Stadler, R. / Müller, J. (2012): „The Organization of Knowledge Sharing at the Colorado Music Festival“, International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 14., No. 3, pp. 415.

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Müller, J./ Abfalter, D./ Hautz, J. / Hutter, K./ Matzler, K./ Raich, M. (2011): “Differences in Corporate Environmentalism – a comparative analysis of leading US and German Companies”, European Journal of International Management, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 122-148. Mag.a Dagmar Abfalter, MBA

Associate Professor


Tel.: +43 1 711 55 3418