Workshop mit Evgenia Epshtein, Violine

Termine vom 6. - 9. Dezember 2022

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Lecture-Recital mit Jenny Maclay (Klarinette)

18. Mai 2022, 16:00-18:00
Kammermusiksaal B0403 1010 Wien, Singerstrasse 26 (Eingang: Seilerstätte 8)


My lecture-recital will be an overview of notable Austrian clarinet history through the presentation and performance of landmark works by Austrian composers. From the Classical era to today, Austria is known for its significant contributions to the clarinet community, including performers and compositions. My lecture will include a PowerPoint presentation discussing important Austrian clarinetists, clarinet works, and characteristics of the Austrian national school of clarinet playing. I will also be performing selected works from the presentation to demonstrate the musical traits of Austrian clarinet compositions throughout its history. The goal of this lecture-recital is to showcase the rich clarinet history in Austria while examining its place in the international clarinet community.


Vandoren Artist-Clinician Dr. Jenny Maclay enjoys a diverse career as a clarinet soloist, recitalist, orchestral player, chamber musician, pedagogue, and blogger. In 2021, she was the Visiting Instructor of Clarinet at Brandon University (Canada) and was Visiting Lecturer of Clarinet at Iowa State University in 2020. Online, she is known as Jenny Clarinet, where she created her eponymous popular blog, and she is also the Social Media Coordinator for the International Clarinet Association.

In addition to teaching and performing, Jenny is also interested in travelling and researching clarinet cultures around the world. To date, she has visited and performed in over 30 countries, and she enjoys meeting other clarinetists during her travels. She completed her formative studies in the United States, France, and Canada. Recently, she was selected by the Council of Faroese Artists as an artist-in-residence in Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands, where she performed and promoted clarinet compositions by Faroese composers. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence Niederösterreich, where she is studying the clarinet compositions of Ernst Krenek and his wife Gladys Nordenstrom in partnership with the Ernst Krenek Institut in Krems.



Workshop mit David Dolan


22. - 25. März 2022

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