Platform Gender_mdw

The establishment of Plattform Gender_mdw was initiated by Rector Mag.a Ulrike Sych in her former position as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and the Advancement of Women.

Every department at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna nominates a gender representative and a deputy gender representative to this committee of the Vice Rectorate for Organisational Development, Gender & Diversity.

Logo: Plattform Gender_mdw


  • First-hand information on gender

  • Gender-themed events at the departments

  • Gender-themed projects at the departments

  • Interdepartmental cooperative activities for gender-themed events

  • Gender studies-themed final papers/projects


Meeting Dates

Next meeting: Thursday, 19 Oktober 2023, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m
Venue: Rektoratssitzungssaal/mdwCampus


In 2020, the Gender|Queer|Diversity Call_mdw was announced for the fourth time by the Vice Rectorate for Organizational Development, Gender & Diversity. Projects that will be implemented from the summer semester 2021 at the earliest were submitted.

This call is intended to support the development and conduct of projects that include gender|queer|diversity content at the mdw.

Supported projects:

Beyond these, Platform Gender_mdw has also supported the following additional projects:

  • The gender-themed project HOLZ-BLECH-SCHLAG [WOODWIND-BRASS-PERCUSSION] (a collaborative project conducted by the departmental representatives Kornberger, Schedlberger, and Strack-Hanisch (depts. 18, 1, and 6)
  • A ROOM FOR FANNY HENSEL – event series and composing competition, 2014/2015


Mag.a Gerda Müller
Vice Rector for Organisational Development, Gender & Diversity

T.: +43-1-711 55-6700
Room AvW B 0215


Dr. Mag.a Andrea Ellmeier
Administrative Department for Equality, Gender Studies & Diversity (GGD)

T.: +43-1-71155-6070
Room AvW B0249

Laura Eichenseer
Administrative Department for Equality, Gender Studies & Diversity (GGD)

T.: +43-1-71155-6071
Room AvW B0247

A list of Platform Gender_mdw members (current as of: June 2023) can be found here.