Diversity in Teaching / Research / Further Education


Diversity Measures Team 3



Acquisition and internalisation of knowledge pertaining to gender & diversity



Production of a set of guidelines on gender- & diversity-sensitive didactics
Conception and realisation of a “Diversity Day”


Guidelines on gender- & diversity-sensitive didactics


1. The guidelines that are produced should reinforce the gender- and diversity-relevant skills of all mdw faculty members, thus improving the quality of teaching in all theoretical, practical, and creative areas.

2. The guidelines should promote the visibility and transparency of the specific teaching_learning situations in the University’s programmes of music-, drama-, and movement-related pedagogical training, its musical, dramatic, and other performance programmes, and its programmes in art and cultural studies, therapy, arts-related technology, artistic research, and cultural economics.

3. The guidelines should take into account the mdw’s various teaching formats and settings while providing commensurate impulses for action that help cultivate fair and inclusive teaching_learning situations.

4. The guidelines should provide thought-provoking impulses for reflection on diverse teaching_learning experiences and for the dismantling of discriminatory traditional patterns, attributions, and stereotypes.

5. The guidelines should be aimed at encouraging all those who teach at the mdw to act as multipliers for didactics that are reflective of considerations relating to inclusion, gender, and diversity, thereby enabling students to implement these in their own teaching.

6. The guidelines should be appealingly designed and easy to use so as to reach all members of the mdw faculty, and they should employ concrete examples to show how teaching_learning situations that are inclusive, fair, and characterised by an attitude that is critical of discrimination can be successful at the mdw.

7. Furthermore, the intention is to implement the guidelines in the mdw Statutes (section: Studienrecht [Legal Aspects of Studies]), in the orientation modules for new staff, in course evaluations, and in the new teaching handbook at the mdw.


The guidelines at issue here should support teaching_learning situations that are reflective of considerations relating to gender and diversity and promote discrimination-critical action. They should also contribute to making visible structural power relations in the university space and dismantling instances of discrimination. And furthermore, they should cast a critical light on the specific teaching_learning situations at the mdw and offer food for thought as well as concrete impulses that encourage diversity-sensitive didactic conduct that has lasting effects on the students’ own real-life (teaching) practice.


mdw faculty and students


Birgit Huebener: huebener@mdw.ac.at

Ela Posch: posch-e@mdw.ac.at


Leading team:

Birgit Huebener

Doris Ingrisch

Ela Posch


Christoph Falschlunger

Marie Helle

Herta Hirmke-Toth

Hannah Lindmaier

Karin Macher

Helga Neira-Zugasti

Daniel Serrano Garcia

Eva Unterhofer



Diversity Day is to be conceived as a one-day event focused on “doing experience”. Participants should be invited to get to know new perspectives and question their own canons of values.


mdw faculty and students as well as other interested individuals

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Birgit Huebener: huebener@mdw.ac.at

Doris Ingrisch: ingrisch@mdw.ac.at