mdw-Diversity Strategy

Plakat zur Präsentation der mdw-Diversitätsstrategie am 17.6.2019


By means of the mdw Diversity Strategy as a strategic change-promoting process, the University of Music and Performing Arts is pursuing holistic and systematic diversity management that attempts to involve in this process the greatest possible number of students and employees.

The objective is to have achieved a less discriminatory studying and working environment by the autumn of 2020 based on the successful implementation of concrete measures that facilitate more equal participation by all community members.

The process detailed by the Diversity Strategy (planned to run from 2017 to 2021) is divided into four phases:


Kick-off I event, establishment of focus groups for six mdw-relevant thematic fields: (mission statement, equal opportunities in entrance exams, diversity in curricula, teaching/research/further education, international, personnel), generation of papers containing recommendations for concrete suggested measures – completed.

Development of Diversity Measures

Selection and concrete formulation of objectives and measures, formation of diversity measures teams for the development of measure implementation plans, presentation of the mdw Diversity Strategy

Measure Implementation Phase


(Includes evaluation of intermediate results and any adaptations)

Core Team

VR Mag.a Gerda Müller – Vice Rector for Organisational Development, Gender & Diversity.

Dr. Mag.a Andrea Ellmeier – Head, Administrative Department of Equality, Gender Studies and Diversity

Mag.a Ulli Mayer – Administrative Department of Equality, Gender Studies and Diversity (Diversity Management)


+43 (0)1 711 55-6070


Steering Committee

In 2016, the core team established a steering committee as part of this developmental process. The steering committee serves to reflect upon the process itself while also networking and bundling individual thematic areas and pre-existing mdw projects. Its membership consists of the key individuals in terms of this process.

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Logo des Diversitas-Preises 2020

For the development and implementation of the diversity strategy, mdw was awarded the Diversitas 2020 by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.