Mission Statement


Focus Group

From 2017 to 2019, a focus group reflected upon the University’s existing mission statement (from 04/2004) and strategic objectives (01/2107) with an eye to the categories “social dimension”, “consistency”, and “antidiscrimination” in the interest of all members of the mdw community and linked these considerations with experiences gleaned from the mdw’s existing diversity initiatives. This provided the basis for the formulation of a new mission statement that was developed by Univ.-Ass. MMag.a Nora Bammer and Univ.-Ass. Ela Posch, MA together with the focus group members.

An English translation of the mission statement is in progress.



Leading team:

Gerhild Kronberger

Gerda Müller


Wolfgang Aichinger

Nora Bammer

Christoph Falschlunger

Magdalena Fürnkranz

Herta Hirmke-Toth

Harald Huber

Therese Kaufmann

Ela Posch

Peter Röbke

Jakob Schlögl