Academic & Artistic Personnel


Diversity Measures Team 5



Strengthening of academics and artists (women, inter*, and non-binary)



Implementation of career guidance programmes in cooperation with FF, ZfW & CC



One career development programme for artists (“early & advanced career support” in cooperation with the Career Center) and one for academics (coaching/mentoring project in cooperation with the Office of Research Support and Human Resources Development – Center for Further Education) should provide support to up-and-coming artists and researchers.

The establishment of a dedicated gender and diversity fund for aspiring academics (women, inter*, and non-binary) is an initiative to intervene in pre-existing structures and make available financial resources for their support (e.g. for participation in conferences, membership fees, further education expenses, translation services, et al.).



Artists in their 7th semester or later and predoc, postdoc, and third party-funded researchers (women, inter*, and non-binary)


Leading team:

Andrea Ellmeier

Michaela Föger

Ulli Mayer

Gerda Müller


Dagmar Abfalter

Magdalena Fürnkranz

Maria Helfgott

Annegret Huber

Therese Kaufmann

Susanne Latin

Severin Matiasovits

Dagny Schreiner

Michael Staudinger

Barbara Strack-Hanisch

Erwin Strouhal

Annika Tornow

Nikolaus Urbanek

Karin Wagner

Anna Zethner