Diversity Measures Team 4



Cultivation of a welcoming culture



Implementation of a buddy programme for international first-semester students



The mdw Buddy Programme was launched in October 2020 as a pilot project and is intended to run each year during the winter semester from now on. The concept is for groups of up to nine international first-semester students to be accompanied through the semester by teams of two buddies each, with four such buddy groups altogether. A further important component is the buddies’ training with regard to gender issues, transculturality, and antidiscrimination. Subsequent high-quality documentation, to include reflection loops and evaluation conferences, likewise represents a very important element of this pilot project.



International first-semester students & mdw students who have already completed at least two semesters (buddies)



Leading team:

Ulli Mayer

Margit Sturm


Veronika Adamski

Theresa Aichinger

Ayako Bungyoku

Sanghee Cheong

Victor-Alexandru Ciulian

Marialena Fernandes

Michaela Hahn

Veronika Merklein

Natalia Rehling

Chiara Siciliano

Anita Taschler

Tobias Zimmermann