Musical Performance in Virtual Reality

A scientific immersive training project to overcome stage fright and to enjoy playing on famous stages

An innovative new approach to developing photorealistic virtual reality performance training research. Excitement and performance go hand in hand to achieve peak performance. But when the tension before and during a performance is experienced as frightening, one must learn to prepare oneself mentally. This program is designed to help musicians overcome stage fright and become more confident performers. Through virtual reality simulations, participants can explore their fears and anxieties in a safe environment and learn tools and techniques to help them manage their stage fright. The program provides guidance and support to help participants build confidence and develop the skills needed to perform in front of an audience.

Supplemented by measurements of muscular tension, heart rate or breathing patterns, Virtual Stage Training allows for the investigation of stress parameters. Subsequently, it should be possible to reduce increased stage fright (i.e. performance anxiety) through exposure training. For this research project, which is led by Matthias Bertsch (mdw), we are currently taking pictures and recording videos. This beta version (work in progress) gives an insight into the visualization possibilities of rooms. It already contains some rooms at the mdw for preview and maybe you will find more locations while exploring. The optimal view is achieved with a VR headset. The visualization is also possible on any PC or Smartphone.


Virtual Tour 2024r: VRET.AT

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"Virtual Reality" and "Augmented Audio" allow you to experience and immerse yourself in extraordinary performance situations, such as:


In addition to immersive experience of "Virtual Reality Exposure Training", the research project includes many other aspects:

  • Room acoustics simulated by augmented audio

  • The simulation of stage fright is enhanced by live streaming of the training online to the music teachers.

  • The stress level of the performers can be documented using modern psychophysiological measurement systems. (e.g. Biomarkers from the EmbracePlus Smartwatch)



Project development and management

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Bertsch (

Project Partners

  • Dr. med. Michael Peschka, Abt. Musikphysiologie

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Reuter, University Vienna

  • Doz. DI Ph.D. Matthias Frank, KUG Graz, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics

We would like to thank the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy for their expression of interest in the project.



Immersive 360° 3D video sequences

Many of them are published on an ENGLISH Playlist or GERMAN Playlist on the YouTube Channel of Matthias Bertsch

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Augmeted Audio


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