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Collage Karoline Renner am Meer, Fussspuren im Sand, bemooste Baumwurzeln, Harfenistin

Dispokinesis - Posture, Breathing, Stage or: what the feet have to do with the sound

Dispokinesis is a posture, expression and movement training that was developed for the needs of musicians. In the workshop you will learn to understand the physical and mental connections of posture and movement through the basic exercises, and you will learn how permanent posture changes take place and what you can do for your feeling of security at the moment of performance.

In the individual lessons you will apply what you have learned to the instrument and deepen the topics finger technique, sound, successful practice and professional preparation.

with Karoline Renner

Date and Place:
1. February 2020, group session 10 a.m. - 1 p.m; individual coaching 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.
mdw-Anton von Webern Platz 1, spiel|mach|t|raum S 02 25

Participants: students and graduates from all curricula of the mdw
Group session: max.12 participants

Individual coaching (registration by email): max. 6 participants

Registration by email: careercenter@mdw.ac.at

(Workshop and individual coaching 0,3 ECTS)


new "mdw Artists" Portrait

Lukas Watzl - actor


The artists platform of the Career Center, mdw Artists, presents the actor Lukas Watzl. The youtube video was created in cooperation with the Audio-Video-Zentrum of the mdw. The platform is aimed at artist agencies, concert organizers and media. Particularly talented mdw students and graduates are presented with a video, audio files and other artist materials.


The actor Lukas Watzl