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The 5th Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition

What kinds of works written for the piano are well suited to helping young players discover the world of contemporary music? What are the technical boundaries within which one can compose innovative piano pieces of pedagogical value that are realisable in lessons and still embody convincing compositions in their own right?

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“Music comes from all of us”

Dietmar Flosdorf, Axel Petri-Preis, and Rineke Smilde teach at the Department of Music Education Research, Music Didactics and Elementary Music Education (IMP). mdw Magazine spoke with them about the community work they pursue.

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Digital Teaching and Learning at the mdw

Online professorship search committee hearings, digital entrance exams, blended learning—the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has catalysed the digitisation process in education. And at the mdw, the Audio/Video Centre—part of the University’s Information Technology Department (ZID)—has been a strong institution-wide partner in these trying times.

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voice science @ mdw

Just recently, the mdw saw the establishment of “Voice Science” as a subject area in its own right with its own new career position. And this semester, three mdw students have commenced their scientific doctoral studies in the field.


isaScience digital 2020

Mina Yang’s statement “Beethoven and the Dangers of Hero Discourses”, delivered on 19 August 2020, initiated an animated and critical exchange on the various topics of the postponed isaScience conference, entitled “Heroes, Canons, Cults. Critical Inquiries”.

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The Digital Lecture Hall

At Austrian postsecondary institutions, recent months have seen teaching take place mostly online. So how has that worked out? What’s gone well, and what hasn’t? Here’s what members of the mdw teaching staff have to say.

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“It takes courage to leave your comfort zone!”

The academic year of 2020/21 marks the birth of the mdw’s Department of Early Music—and in the following conversation, department head Stefan Gottfried and deputy head Eugène Michelangeli speak about their approaches to historically informed performance and the initial projects of this new department.

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Running the University with a Fair Ecological Footprint

For two years now, the mdw has been one of the first universities in Austria to use 100 % green power—which is just one among many examples of sustainable university management set by the initiative “green mdw”.

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