Providing the best possible conditions for all members of a university community while leaving behind a fair ecological footprint is a daily challenge. Just how the mdw has been successfully taking on this challenge for years—above all with its “green mdw” initiatives—is something you can read about on the following pages. Furthermore, we take a closer look at how the sustainable handling of research data might shape up and at how both researchers and artists might pursue their work in a more climate-friendly manner. Every single one of us can make a contribution—and, most important of all, help to raise consciousness all across society.

Universitätsbetrieb mit fairem ökologischem Fußabdruck

Die Klima-Verantwortung der Wissenschaft

Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung

„Zukunftsmusik“ – künstlerische Karrieren in Zeiten der Klimakrise

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