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Every Year is Schönberg Year

It’s owed to a strange logic peculiar to the media that we always end up paying special homage to great artists on milestone birthdays or anniversaries of their deaths. In the literary realm, 2024 belongs to Franz Kafka, who died exactly 100 years ago. In the world of music, this year is shared by Arnold Schönberg (who would be turning 150) and Anton Bruckner (whose 200th birthday is in September).

Students in Focus: The Joint Chairpersons of the hmdw

We are… Eva Neubauer, Magdalena Seifert, and David Neumann, the hmdw’s joint chairs. At the mdw, we study… Eva’s currently studying Voice (Pop) in the IGP MA programme, and Magdi’s studying the same thing in the Music Education BEd. programme. David studies Voice (Classical) in the IGP BA programme. Our favourite place at the mdw is… Collectively, it’s the hmdw …

The Perils of Inner Exile

Exile is not a place, but a state of being. It simultaneously represents a refuge and banishment. One flees because one must—not because one wants to.

Protest Makes Us All Stronger

A couple of years ago, I chanced to be in Paris on 1 May. I was travelling for work, and it hadn’t even occurred to me beforehand that I’d be in the French capital, of all places, on the traditional day of worker protests.

The Old and the New

It’s human nature to set arbitrary points in time after which we envision everything being different. Decadal birthdays, graduation, or the ultimate classic: New Year’s.

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