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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

If you’ve ever strolled through the commercial streets of Naples or Rome, you’re sure to have experienced it: that moment when, in the midst of unsuspectingly letting your gaze wander from one display window to the next, you suddenly notice this melody that’s covering it all like a blanket—one that’s vaguely familiar, though you can’t immediately put your finger on it.

Demise of a Myth

No orchestral post is surrounded by more myths than is that of the conductor. “Conductor” denotes more than just a profession. It is a symbol. It stands for authority, for the lone wolf, for the diva.

That which Remains

In the basement of my parents’ house, there’s an old wooden cabinet whose red paint has all flaked off. A look inside reveals all kinds of odds and ends stowed in its various compartments. Cans of paint, a toolbox, a stack of tiles that don’t match any of the rooms upstairs.

hmdw Column by Stephan Polzer: Dominik Förtsch

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Enrolled at the mdw since: 2017 (preparatory programme)/2018 (degree programme); Area(s) of study: Media Composition and Applied Music, Electroacoustic Composition

It’s Teamwork

Perhaps we really can chalk it all up to the pandemic. After all, we’ve all still got those mantras in our ears. Keep your distance! Whatever you do, avoid getting too close to anyone! Meet nobody from outside your own household!

Together, not Alone

If there’s any one term that’s become more and more popular (and essential) among all of us in the media, recently, it’s this one: “the crisis”. It’s the uncontested leader in the buzzword charts, a constant guest on title pages, and a topic that’s omnipresent among new non-fiction releases. For it does, after all, provide a convenient way of explaining, labelling, and categorising any complex occurrence.

hmdw-Column by Stephan Polzer: Wolfgang Nagl

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Enroled at the mdw since: 2011Programmes of study: IGP – Percussion (BA) and Cultural Institutions Studies (PhD programme); Instrumental Studies diploma in Percussion completed in July 2020

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