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Special: Together

After eighteen months of more alone-time than usual, including some long periods of purely digital contact with others, more than a few of us have ended up with a new take on how we feel about community and the presence of others.

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Special: Resilience

Numerous factors—be they social, economic, or of some other nature—play significant roles in how we’ve been dealing with the situation that has faced us since March 2020. One of these significant factors is what we call “resilience”.

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“How am I holding up psychologically?”

Therapists Marion Herbert, Evelyn Jahn, and Alexander Parte provide insights into their work, point out the themes that dominated the COVID crisis, and reveal what can help us (better) deal with such situations.

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Special: Community Outreach

Be it a concert for hospitalised cancer patients, a neighbourhood forum in a newly developed residential area, or making music together in a park: community outreach can take on all kinds of shapes.

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Special: Human Rights

One needn’t to look far to see how things like undue political influence, state interventions, economic conditions, national borders, and lots more can infringe upon human rights, whose enjoyment thus by no means goes without saying.

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Special: Architecture & Sound – The Future Art Lab at the mdw

It’s likely that anyone who’s already cast a glance into the new Future Art Lab (FAL) on the mdw Campus has quickly realised how unbelievably much there is there to discover. Ultramodern sound studios and editing rooms, a concert hall that’s to be filled with life right from the start, and an in-house cinema are just some of what awaits students, teachers, and everyone else.

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