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Special: Diversity

The goal of a truly diverse university is a lofty one. Making people fully aware of deep-seated patterns of thought and action as well as structural discrimination and both inclusionary and exclusionary criteria (in contexts such as entrance exams), calling these into question, and opening up new perspectives—all this and more plays a central role where diversity is concerned.

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Honorary Membership in the mdw for Friedrich Cerha

On 24 May 2019, honorary membership in the mdw was conferred on Friedrich Cerha in acknowledgement of his unwavering commitment to contemporary music and its appreciation as well as in recognition of his internationally lauded output as a composer.

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mdw-Magazin 2019-2

Special: Orchestra

Making music together in an ensemble as large as an orchestra brings with it numerous challenges and requires flexibility, the ability to work in a team, and the willingness to engage with each other.


Special: Anxiety

“I’m afraid of…” isn’t necessarily something that’s easy to say. But even so, we all know it: anxiety. Anxieties—along with bouts of their more immediate cousin, fear—accompany many of us our whole lives long. Some of these we succeed in overcoming, while others we might even turn out to need a bit, and still others seem impossible to shake.

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