Be it a concert for hospitalised cancer patients, a neighbourhood forum in a newly developed residential area, or making music together in a park: community outreach can take on all kinds of shapes. But it always involves encounters with people, breaking out of one’s own bubble, and both getting to know and learning from each other.

On the following pages, you can read about why community work is growing more and more important, about the the ways it can look when done by cultural institutions, about the broad range of interesting questions it opens up for researchers, and about the projects to which the mdw’s own efforts to seek out dialogue have given rise thus far. The ideal outcome of such efforts is for everyone involved to learn something new, become acquainted with previously unfamiliar life designs, and build new relationships—and even in the worst possible case, everybody’s still one experience richer!

Community Outreach im Museum

Community Outreach an der mdw

„Musik kommt von uns allen“

Klingender Gemeindebau

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