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mdw-Magazin 2019-2

Special: Orchestra

Making music together in an ensemble as large as an orchestra brings with it numerous challenges and requires flexibility, the ability to work in a team, and the willingness to engage with each other.


Special: Anxiety

“I’m afraid of…” isn’t necessarily something that’s easy to say. But even so, we all know it: anxiety. Anxieties—along with bouts of their more immediate cousin, fear—accompany many of us our whole lives long. Some of these we succeed in overcoming, while others we might even turn out to need a bit, and still others seem impossible to shake.

Musica Sacra

Special: Musica Sacra

Those who believe that church music consists simply of a few songs that they once heard in church, might be quite surprised indeed to learn just how diverse musica sacra can be.

mdw-Magazin Okt2018

Special: Contemporary Music

To this day, the ways in which innovation in music is dealt with are complex. And for this reason, our Special section in this issue is devoted to contemporary music. Or as it is also known: new music, music of the present, avant-garde music, music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Musikalische Bildung

Special: Growing Up with Music

In no case should having the opportunity to take a playful approach to music be left to chance or depend on the musical interest of parents and teachers. And in this spirit, we’ve devoted the following pages to the significance of music education in its infinitely many facets.


Special: Criticism

Just where the term comes from etymologically, how artists deal with criticism, and why music criticism often devolves into mere music journalism.



When we speak of “bass”, we think mainly of the the bass player in a band. On the following pages, we’ll show you how bass is actually so much more.

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