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Special: KlangBildKlang

What is KlangBildKlang? This large-scale mdw project, whose name translates as “SoundImageSound”, may indeed evoke the odd question. Is the focus on sound, here, or actually more on visual depiction? The answer is neither-nor. It’s much rather about interaction—between not just sounds and images, but also people, mdw departments, performing venues, and organisations.

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Sonic Worlds and Visual Language

A hallmark of the mdw is the broad range of art forms and pedagogically oriented mediation formats that make their home here. And during this May and June, the unifying aspects of this diversity as well as interfaces and inspiring interconnections between the various artistic genres will be the overarching theme of the festival KlangBildKlang.


When Images Resound in Unexpected Places

KlangBildKlang was developed with a consistent eye to those things that unite audiences and art. The idea was to go out into the city and its public spaces to perform, play, and present art and music right where people are, opening up new settings alongside familiar venues.

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Exploration, Loud and Clear: Creativity as a Bridge to Music

Creativity is a trait that can be learned and doesn’t care about age, as numerous workshops of the festival KlangBildKlang aimed at children, adolescents, and entire families will prove. The creative and innovative approaches in play here will overcome barriers and open up paths of approach that enable music to be experienced in a lively and inspiring way.

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A successful start for KlangBildKlang

KlangBildKlang, the mdw's transdisciplinary festival, celebrated its start on 20 April at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna with a reception and the concert Beyond Keys: Synesthetic Soundscapes.  Johannes Meissl, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Art, presented the festival program and provided an overview of the more than 50 artistic projects accompanied by music and art mediation activities.


Trees, Bubbles, Clouds, and Lines

It is thus that the festival KlangBildKlang, which will bundle over 50 projects at a wide array of Viennese venues this May and June, can call upon a rich art- and musico-historical tradition. The question as to whether it is possible to render sounds visible and—conversely—render images, colours, and motion audible is to be pursued in a multitude of locations.


Special: Anton Bruckner | Arnold Schönberg: Jubilees in Focus

Special birthdays make it possible to regard artists’ works in a new light, reinterpret them, and perhaps also spot things that had previously gone undiscovered, with new approaches to familiar things facilitating the understanding of new aspects. In this spirit, the current special invites you to find out just how multifaceted the outstanding composers Anton Bruckner and Arnold Schönberg were.

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“I teach out of passion.” Schönberg as a Teacher

The fact that Schönberg enjoyed near-“guru”-like veneration not only due to his exceptional artistic and pedagogical abilities but at least as much by virtue of his personal charisma is attested to not least by the multitude of prominent Schönberg pupils.

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20BRUCKNER24: In Celebration of an Anachronist

From March to December 2024, the academic and artistic events of the Anton Bruckner Department will invite all those who possess the according interest and openness to spend ten months exploring and engaging with, approaching and critically encountering this great anachronist while most certainly also experiencing his warmth, his conviviality, and the joy of wayfaring.

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The music mediation award LEARN TO HEAR was recently conferred for the first time in anticipation of Arnold Schönberg’s 150th birthday in September 2024. Initiated by the Arnold Schönberg Center and conceived in cooperation with the mdw’s Department of Music Education Research and Practice, this award—which will be conferred annually for a period of five years—commemorates Arnold Schönberg as a pedagogue.

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