After eighteen months of more alone-time than usual, including some long periods of purely digital contact with others, more than a few of us have ended up with a new take on how we feel about community and the presence of others. Be it singing together in a choir, performing as a big band, navigating a film collective’s division of labour, or collaborating on a research project: working on and creating things as a group entails a great number of challenges—and, more often than not, even greater enrichment. On the following pages, you can learn about the ways in which working as part of an ensemble is worthwhile, what’s essential in doing so, and why it always leaves one with something that’s useful elsewhere in life.

Kollektiv kreativ. Die Faszination, gemeinsam zu arbeiten

Der Kinderchor der mdw

Kammermusik als Prinzip

Zusammen in der Musik?


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