Music education is far more than “just” music class at school; it’s much rather a realm of complex interplay between art, pedagogy, and scientific and scholarly pursuits. This is borne out by the diverse opportunities for related study at the mdw, the numerous areas in which graduates and faculty are active, and a wide variety of educational and research projects. With their art, music educators have an impact both in classrooms and in broader society, helping to shape people’s highly personal musical cultivation—and in the process, music and art mediation embody a constant focus. The following pages take a closer look at topics including music education’s multifaceted nature, the path toward beginning a music education degree, and one ongoing international research project.

„Wir werden Pädagog_innen und Künstler_innen“

Gesprächsrunde Musikpädagogik

Erasmus+-Projekt ALIISA und das daraus entstandene inklusiv-kunstpädagogische Weiterbildungsmodell

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