Numerous factors—be they social, economic, or of some other nature—play significant roles in how we’ve been dealing with the situation that has faced us since March 2020. One of these significant factors is what we call “resilience”: just what this term actually means, what particular aspects influence how resilient a person is, and why an organisation like the mdw has to change the way it operates when a crisis hits are topics about which you can learn more on the following pages. You’ll also find out how concert cancellations can lead to participation in a casting show, how principal photography for a film can move forward successfully despite multiple lockdowns, and just why some of us have discovered going for walks and on hikes as a new pastime.

Resilienz: Der Wunsch nach Unverwundbarkeit?

Gewonnen hat die Musik

Spuren im Wald

Chance: Crowdfunding

Bergauf mit dem Wanderer vom Eichkogel

„In der Musik habe ich die Kraft gefunden, die Pandemie zu bewältigen“

„Wie geht es meiner Psyche?“

Resilienz fördern, Krisenfestigkeit steigern

Kommunikation, Partizipation & Vertrauen

Ein virtueller Stammtisch

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