Quite a few of us may have already experienced it: with our first episode of back pain in everyday life, we realise how we’re not getting any younger—and that a bit more exercise probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. But especially when training at an arts university, it’s important to pay attention to oneself and one’s body right from the beginning and take a preventative approach where things like poor posture, hearing damage, or faulty learning of certain techniques are concerned. Both psychological and physical factors are in play, here. And just how the mdw is succeeding in constantly expanding awareness of these issues and making them a permanent topic in students’ training, why being an artist is often like elite sport, and how success is also being had in the employment of art-related offerings such as music therapy to help people with existing health problems are all things about which you can read on the following pages.

Kunst und Gesundheit

Wirkung von Musik auf die Gesundheit erleben – und daraus lernen

Musikalische Fürsorge: Die Rolle der Musik für das Personal im Gesundheitswesen

Musiktherapie öffnet Türen

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