The “language” of conductors consists of gestures and motions. For those who haven’t mastered them, they’re frequently intriguing to watch—and for all those who have, they represent just one aspect of those numerous important skills that are essential to communicating with musicians, an orchestra, or a choir. The qualities one should bring to the table when setting out to study conducting, exactly what needs to be learned by conducting students, and how both the image of conductors and their own self-understanding have changed are all things that you can explore on the following pages. What’s more, experienced conductors reminisce about their own student days, provide insights into how they work, and explain just what it all has to do with the gut.

Starke Persönlichkeiten mit musikalischer Vision entwickeln – Dirigieren studieren an der mdw

„Selbstbewusstsein kann eine Täuschung sein“

„Musik ist eine lebendige Kunst, die sich ständig weiterentwickelt“

Dirgent_innen im Wandel

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