Special: Human Rights

One needn’t to look far to see how things like undue political influence, state interventions, economic conditions, national borders, and lots more can infringe upon human rights, whose enjoyment thus by no means goes without saying.

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2020’s MMRC Lecture and an Interview with Dawn Chatty

On 11 November 2020, the Music and Minorities Research Center (MMRC) launched its first annual lecture, delivered in online form. Despite the special circumstances, this event managed to engage an interdisciplinary audience from all around the world and fulfil its main goal, which was to bring scholars from different disciplines together in constructive and lively discussions.

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An Interview with Jessica Hausner

Film Academy Vienna has a new professor of directing: Jessica Hausner joined us to discuss her approach to the filmic medium and the emphases that she envisions for her teaching. This spring will see the release of a book on this filmmaker’s oeuvre as part of a series published by Film Academy Vienna.


Educating the eye

The core feature of training for the job as cinematographer is students’ freedom to learn in a playful manner. They need time and space so that they can grow artistically, dare to experiment, probe boundaries, explore visual languages, and pursue new avenues of creativity.


Musical Dialogue in the Shadow of India’s Beethoven

Since 2015, Marialena Fernandes and her students have taken regular trips to the Indian province of Goa. And last year, before the backdrop of Beethoven 2020, they were able to gather some very special musical impressions.

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Webern Kammerphilharmonie – The Young History of a Young Orchestra

The Webern Kammerphilharmonie, whose players are drawn from the ranks of the mdw, was first brought together with a concrete objective in mind: to support young artists in launching their future careers as professional orchestral players. The ensemble, originally with the English words “Chamber Orchestra” in its name, was founded in 2015. Ever since, it’s been bringing together excellent mdw students and graduates.

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Alumna in Focus: Golnar Shahyar

In keeping with the motto “change as a driving force”, this successful and authentic singer, bandleader, and composer—a courageous, powerful woman whose art overcomes divisions in more ways than one—is fighting for better working conditions in her profession and for social justice.

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Alumni in Focus: Winfried Lachenmayr

The mdw-trained Tonmeister Winfried Lachenmayr is among those individuals responsible for the acoustics of the new Future Art Lab. In a conversation with mdw Magazine, he explains why working on this extraordinary building was so special to him and what makes it so unique in the context of European musical campuses.

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The 11th Vienna Music Business Research Days: “Emerging Music Markets”

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the 11th Vienna Music Business Research Days from taking place this year at the mdw with its usual international audience in attendance. But despite the unfavourable situation, the entire conference went forward in the virtual realm.

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To Form a Strong Ensemble

Friderikke-Maria Hörbe has been a professor of ensemble work and role development at the Max Reinhardt Seminar since March 2020. She recently spoke with mdw Magazine about her teaching work and about how she came to acting.


Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of)

Jane Austen and karaoke – an unusual combination? Indeed. And an extremely compelling one, at that. With Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) [German title: Stolz und Vorurteil* (*oder so) ], British author Isobel McArthur recently created a refreshing adaptation of Jane Austen’s world-famous novel for the stage in which five women give their all.

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“Art is one of those things that brings the state to life”

Anna Marboe, born in Vienna in 1996, is a stage director and musician. She studied directing at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, from which she graduated in 2019. mdw Magazine got in touch with this versatile artist recently to talk about her artistic development and creative work.

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Farewell to Metternichgasse 12

After 52 years, Film Academy Vienna is leaving this history-steeped building on Metternichgasse and moving to its new home in the Future Art Lab on the mdw Campus. Screenwriting and directing student Albert Meisl provides his own very personal look back at the history and spirit of this building.

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“To Write Is to Discover”

Malina Nwabuonwor and Alexander Reinberg study in Film Academy Vienna’s Screenplay Writing and Dramaturgy class. The two young authors spoke with mdw Magazine about how they got started writing, their takeaways from experiences studying abroad, and where they find inspiration for their work.

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One Sock Seldom Comes Alone

Well-tempered is an expression that pops up frequently in conversations with Henning Backhaus. This wouldn’t be surprising if he were a musician, but when a filmmaker uses it, it’s a good bit more noticeable.

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Review: Einführung in die Kulturbetriebslehre

Even if the field of cultural management—to which Cultural Institutions Studies as developed in Vienna belongs—is a relatively young field of study, there do exist a number of introductions to it that are intended for use in academic teaching.

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Bye-Bye … Refugee Camps!

On September 8, 2020, Europe’s largest refugee camp—Moria, situated on the Greek island of Lesbos and known as a “living hell”—was set afire. The continuous three-day blaze ultimately left the camp completely destroyed and 13,000 people in utter destitution.


voice science @ mdw

Just recently, the mdw saw the establishment of “Voice Science” as a subject area in its own right with its own new career position. And this semester, three mdw students have commenced their scientific doctoral studies in the field.

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