What are the requirements for a study visit abroad?

  • You are a regular student or doctoral student at mdw.
  • You have completed at least 1 year of your basic studies before starting your stay abroad.
  • You have not exceeded the legally prescribed duration of studies plus 1 semester per section/cycle of studies.
  • You have knowledge of the foreign language of the respective partner university, or can acquire this knowledge by the beginning of your stay abroad.
  •  Your central artistic subject must be completed at the partner university and then credited at mdw.

How long can I study abroad?

You can spend a maximum of 12 months abroad per study cycle (BA, MA). For diploma studies a total of 24 months.

Where can I spend my study stay?

You can apply for 3 European destinations as well as for 3 non-European destinations and combine two stays in case of multiple acceptances, as long as the maximum duration of stay listed below is not exceeded.


Can I get the contact details of students who were at my desired host university in a previous semester?


For data protection reasons, it is not possible for us to pass on the contact details of former outgoing students directly. However, if you are particularly interested in a certain partner institution, we can ask the former outgoing students in individual cases whether it is okay for them to contact you. You are also welcome to take a look at the International Blog and research whether there are reports on your desired destination.


What scholarships are available for a study period abroad?

Erasmus+ and SEMP study stays are supported with a mobility grant of up to € 520 per month. There is no automatic financial support for non-European study stays. In the course of your application, you can apply for the BMBWF Scholarship Abroad for Students of the Arts (Excellence Scholarship) through the IPM. All other grants and scholarships for international study visits must be applied for independently. You can find further scholarship opportunities at www.grants.at and www.european-funding-guide.eu.

For Erasmus+ study visits, there is the possibility for study grant recipients, self-employed students, students with special needs and students with children to apply for a special grant.

You can get more information about this at the student grants office website and the coordinators for student mobility at the mdw.



How do I apply?

In order to successfully apply for a study period abroad, you should plan a longer preparation time.

Basically, the application procedure is divided into two parts: in the first step you have to register at mdw via Mobility Online and - after positive feedback from mdw - in the second step you have to apply (online) at the respective host university.

Which application documents do I need?

This depends on whether you are applying for a host institution within or outside Europe.

Required for all destinations: Curriculum vitae and letter of motivation in English or in the local language, (online) learning agreement, transcript of records (= proof of academic achievement), work samples.

For Erasmus and SEMP additionally optional to upload: Letter of recommendation

For non-European destinations additionally obligatory: study record sheet, professional letter of recommendation, copy of passport, if necessary proof of foreign language skills, application forms of the university of choice.

It is worth taking a look at the website of the host university!

More detailed information about the application documents can be found at Application process and Info Webinar.

Do I have to apply if I already have a (written) confirmation from my desired professor at the host university?

It is possible to upload the correspondence with the professor in Mobility Online. Please note, however, that such a confirmation does not guarantee that you will actually receive a study place. In any case you have to register at mdw (via Mobility Online) and apply at the host university.
Who has to write the letter of recommendation for applications for stays outside of Europe? Will it increase my chances if I upload several letters of recommendation?

The letter of recommendation should be written by one of your professors in English or in the national language of the respective host university. In Mobility Online you can upload the document under "Letters of Recommendation". If you have more than one letter of recommendation, you have to combine them into one pdf, as only one upload is provided for this purpose.

Can the Learning Agreement be changed afterwards?

If you want to take other courses at the beginning of the semester at your host university, you have the possibility to indicate this change in the Learning Agreement. The changes of the courses should be announced at the latest 5 weeks after the start of the mobility.



Music education: what do I have to do if I am also enrolled at the University of Vienna and I go abroad via the mdw?

Your studies will continue as normal, but please inform the University of Vienna that you are going abroad. If you are already paying tuition fees, you can apply for a waiver of tuition fees with proof of nomination for the mobility program at the mdw. You can find detailed information and the form on the website of the University of Vienna.


Where can I get further information? Who can I contact if I have specific questions?

For all further information and questions, please contact the coordinators for International Student Mobility of the IPM.