Teaching staff from the mdw’s partner universities have the opportunity to apply to visit the mdw for teaching and training purposes. Visiting teachers must first discuss their proposals with their home institutions and may then turn directly to colleagues from their fields and the appropriate department heads at the mdw.




First submit a complete, clear and concise application for an Erasmus+ teaching and/or further training activity to your home institution.


Your application must include the following:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Teaching Outline: a brief description of the content and teaching methods that the proposed teaching project would involve
  • Nomination as an outgoing candidate for Erasmus+ STA mobility by the international office at one’s home institution
  • If possible: planned period of conduct
  • If possible: acceptance by the relevant mdw department

If approved: receipt of a “Letter of Invitation” (LoI) as an incoming Erasmus+ teacher along with specification of one’s contact/host at the hosting mdw department. 

If rejected: rejection letter from the mdw’s Office for International Programme Mobilities.


Required Erasmus+ Documents:

    • Inter-Institutional Agreement between home and host institution
    • Mobility Agreement
    • Grant Agreement 
    • Expense Reimbursement Form
    • Confirmation of Stay
    • EU Survey


Reimbursement in the form of “Individual Support” and “Travel Support” takes place following successful conduct in accordance with programme requirements.

If possible: authoring of a blog post for the mdw’s International Blog (contact Isabella Gaisbauer at the Office of the Vice Rector of International Affairs and Art for access and/or assistance).