Outside of Europe, the mdw cooperates with a large worldwide network of highly diverse partner institutions. The emphasis of such inter-institutional cooperation varies according to region, institution, and field.

The mdw is an active participant in the Erasmus+ International programme and is also a member of the university networks ASEA UNINET and Eurasia Pacific Uninet. Teaching staff can apply to realise teaching and staff training visits using the mdw’s Mobility Online application tool. Combined activities (teaching and training) are also possible.


Financial support is provided for:

  • travel and accommodations for teaching and training activities at partner universities outside of Europe.
  • both outgoing and incoming visits.


Submission of Applications:

  • The deadline for submissions for Call 24 is 30.11.2023. Teaching staff (outgoing and incoming) must submit their applications to the mdw via Mobility Online.


Criteria for the Approval of Applications:

  • Approval process (internal and external): following field-specific endorsement by the appropriate department head and approval by the Vice Rector for International Affairs and Art, the desired partner institution is informed of the application. If interest in cooperating is present on both sides, the proposed instance of mobility is dealt with as part of Erasmus+.
  • Once each year, the mdw applies for a grant for tertiary-level Erasmus+ international mobility activities. Coverage of travel expenses in the context of Erasmus+ depends on the approved mdw budget as well as on what regions and partner institutions are approved. The list of Erasmus+ partner universities and eligible destinations can vary from year to year.


You can find reports on others’ experiences as well as further inspiration at the mdw’s International Blog.




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Office for International Programme Mobilities

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