INSTRUMENTAL STUDIES (performance and education)

We recommend 3 recordings of a total of around 10 minutes. The pieces can be chosen freely. In order to provide the broadest possible overview of your own abilities, it is advisable to choose pieces from different musical areas / composers.



In addition to all general information/documents, singers have to provide the following recordings:

  • BA Voice: 4 art songs & 2 arias of different styles and composers (of which 1 piece has be presented in German language!)
  • MA Vocal Performance: 3 art songs,  1 oratorio & 2 opera arias (of which 2 pieces have to be presented in German language)
  • MA Stage Performance: 4 opera arias of different styles, epoches and composers (of which one piece has to be scenic!)
  • MA Art Song Oratorio: 4 art songs, 2 oratorios (of which at least 2 pieces have to be presented in German language!)

Please note:
All pieces, except oratorios, have to be presented by heart.
The file name of the recording has to include the type of the piece (eg. "Aria - K├Ânigin der Nacht, Zauberfl├Âte, Mozart.mp4")



Two files of 3 minutes each:


  • Solo performance of a self-composed or improvised instrumental piece
  • Solo choreography or movement improvisation to music of your choice


FILM ACADEMY (Screenplay Writing and Dramaturgy)

In addition to all general information, the following documents have to be provided:


  • Scripts (Screenplays) in German or English language (up to a max. of 100 minutes)
  • If available: Examples of filmed screenplays (in German or English language)
  • Completed questionnaire (the questionnaire is only available in German, but the answers can also be provided in English)
  • German language skills are required (lessons will be held in German only)


  • A compositional work (sheet music)
  • A text about a music-theoretical topic (e.g. an analysis)