understanding music, directing music and accompanying music

At the Anton Bruckner Department, the subject areas of music and ear training, choir and ensemble directing, ensemble playing/chamber music, accompaniment, and subjects related to piano practice are consolidated under the heading of music education and place the primary focus on understanding music and directing and accompanying group music-making.
In addition to the main subject of choir directing in the teacher-education programmes ME and IME, courses are also offered relating to the specialisations as part of music education areas of study: ensemble directing, vocal training for children and teens, music theory and composition, accompaniment, composition and production, and music fundamentals.

An important mission of the department is carrying out choral and ensemble projects in which the students participate through singing (vocal ensemble/choir), playing (ensemble/orchestra), or conducting, thus acquiring comprehensive experience in designing and executing a concert programme.


singing is the base of music in all directions

As part of the department’s own “Wiener Chorschule”, the ensemble offerings encompass the entire spectrum of vocal music-making, from children’s, youth, and chamber choirs to specialised and one-to-a-part vocal ensembles such as the Nrebew Consort, Ensemble Smaragd, and open forms like the monthly “treffpunkt:singen”.
All institute ensembles perform regularly within the mdw as well as outside, cultivate international exchange through concert tours, and make themselves available to the department’s conducting students as practice ensembles as needed.