Publication: European Voices I

Multipart Singing in the Balkans and the Mediterranean.
With Summaries in German.
CD and DVD with Audio and Video Examples Included.
Edited by Ardian Ahmedaja & Gerline Haid

Wien. Böhlau. 2008.
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CONTENTS (download as PDF)

  • Introduction
  • Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco:
    The Politics and Aesthetics of Two-Part Singing in Southern Portugal
  • Jaume Ayats and Sílvia Martínez:
    Singing in Processions and Festivities: A Look at Different Models
    of Multipart Singing in Spain
  • Jean-Jacques Castéret:
    Mainland France Multipart Singing: Of Men and Patterns
  • Mauro Balma, Liguria:
    A Multipart Song from the Alps to the Sea
  • Giorgio Adamo:
    Social Roles, Group Dynamics and Sound Structure in Multipart Vocal Performance:
    The Female Repertoire for Good Friday at Cassano allo Ionio (South Italy)
  • Ignazio Macchiarella - Harmonizing in the Islands:
    Overview of the Multipart Singing by Chording in Sardinia, Corsica, and Sicily
  • Joško Ćaleta:
    Modern Klapa Movement- Multipart Singing as a Popular Tradition
  • Sofija Bajrektarević:
    About Multipart Singing in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lozanka Peycheva:
    Multipart Songs and Transformation: A Bulgarian Case
  • Ardian Ahmedaja:
    Changes within Tradition: Parts and their Number in Multipart Songs among Albanians
  • Thede Kahl:
    Multipart singing among the Aromanians (Vlachs)
  • Rudolf Brandl:
    New Considerations of Diaphony in Southeast Europe
  • Rudolf Brandl:
    Neue Überlegungen zur Diaphonie in Südosteuropa

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