Izvivki [Извивки]

changes in the direction of the melodic line

(About the term “Glas [Глас]” and a few others connected with it)

Lozanka Peycheva

Glaso, the melody has izvivki and I cannot make them well alone. It sort of becomes nasal. We keep glaso well when we gather. We peeme in groups, together. It is like a choir and it sounds beautiful. Perfect.” (R.D., Alino village)

“You can make izvivkite. That is good. If you can make izvivkite you can learn to poeš. And your glas is good. (Q: What is izvivki?) Izvivkite is the way it comes out of you. You don’t drown the song; you don’t slow it down; you speak it out in time – you make izvivkite. It’s just like with a poem – you have to say it expressively. It is the same with songs as well – when you sing the melody you make izvivkite well. And that’s something!” (R.D., Alino village)

“You make izvivkite. You izvivaš better and you are young. You see, she can make izvivkite better than us.” (T.B., Samoranovo village)