Thomas Nußbaumer

Curriculum Vitae


Thomas Nussbaumer, born in 1966 in Hall in Tirol (Austria). Studies of musicology and German philology at the University of Innsbruck, conferral of a doctorate in 1998. Publication of his dissertation Alfred Quellmalz und seine Südtiroler Feldforschungen (1940–42). Eine Studie zur musikalischen Volkskunde unter dem Nationalsozialismus (Alfred Quellmalz and his field studies in South Tyrol 1940–42. A study of musical folklore under National Socialism) in 2001. Since 1995 Nussbaumer has been employed as an ethnomusicologist at the Innsbruck branch of the Music University Mozarteum Salzburg. Since obtaining his postdoctoral lecturing qualification at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in 2010 Nussbaumer has been an associate professor for folk music research at the Mozarteum. Numerous field research projects and publications have focused on Alpine folk music (Western Austria and South Tyrol), music and customs (e.g. carnival), and historical sources of traditional music. He has also carried out field research in Kalona, Iowa, on the vocal music of the Old Order Amish.

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