Gărlo [Гърло]

the throat as a vocal instrument

“She has never sung much so she has never developed her gărlo. And she cannot pee.” (P.R., Alino village)
“Our mother was a singer. Even people from other villages knew her. She didn’t lose her glas until her death. Her gărlo was just wonderful. Not everybody can have a good glas, a good gărlo.” (Y.T., Kadrovitsa village)
“They were amazed about her – Venka Bikova, wife of Stanko Bulyov. They wondered how two glasa could come out of her gărlo. It was so sweet to listen to how she trese. She was a relative of ours, of Dudini.” (R.D., Alino village)
“My gărlo has changed. It is no longer the same as it was in my youth. It is a bit hoarse now. I have not sung for years.” (L.D., Stradalovo village)