Glas, Ženski [Γлас, Женски]

voice, female 

There were men from Tishanovo who sang ženski glas. One would izvikuva, the others would slagaya. They poyat very beautifully, those men from Tishanovo. Like maidens. We like them. And here too, the shopkeeper’s father-in-law would sing with his wife and his sister-in-law. He would sit between the two sisters. Then he izvikuva and they slagat – like zvonci (bells) they were. They sang a lot. And I also had an uncle, he poeše very beautifully. He izvikuvaše and we slagahme.” (L.D., Stradalovo village)

“When I izvikuvah my sister and my brother slagaha. My brother sang. (Q: And were there any men who izvikuvat?) I don’t know. My brother slagaše. I don’t know of any others.” (B.B., Tishanovo village)

“Slave Niklin could sing anywhere. He would sing ženski glas. So we used to call for him. I and my kumica Loza Katsarska would vlachime. And when he okneše – trese for all his worth. He was a pesnopoec in the village.” (Z.B., Cherven Breg village)