Stojkova Serafimovska Velika

Curriculum Vitae

(last update: 2005)

Stojkova Serafimovska Velika, Ethnomusicologist,
born 1973 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Graduated in ethnomusicology at the Faculty for Music Art in Skopje and is currently finishing her MA studies on ethnomusicology on the Faculty for Music Art in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro).

Her research as an ethnomusicologist is focused on the rural tradition, the ritual folklore and the ritual songs and dances in Macedonia, the musical folklore of the Turkish minority in Macedonia and mutual influences between Turks and Macedonians. Until know she has acquired 13 years of experience in fieldwork, mostly in rural areas of Macedonia. Her research includes old polyphonic rural singing, male and female. She is now working as an ethnomusicologist at the state ensemble of folk dances and songs of Macedonia “Tanec”. Her work includes research activities in preparing choreographies and working with the vocal group in singing old songs and the reconstruction of polyphonic singing that is almost disappearing in the field.
At the moment she is working on the subject of the functionality and aesthetics in folk singing. She is involved in several projects connected with ethnology and ethnomusicology in Macedonia, and collaborates with numerous ethnomusicologists from the Balkan countries. She is a member of the Balkan Musical Forum as a representative of Macedonia and is the liaison officer of ICTM for the Republic of Macedonia.

Until now, she has actively participated in 15 international conferences and symposiums in Macedonia and abroad. Her papers have been published in several music magazines.