Scott L. Edwards, PhD

Projektmitarbeiter: Ludwig Senfl: New Edition of the Collected Works (New Senfl Edition) II (FWF P 31504)

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Scott L. Edwards received his PhD in the History and Literature of Music from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2012 with a dissertation titled ‘Repertory Migration in the Czech Crown Lands, 1570–1630’. He subsequently served from 2012 until 2014 as College Fellow in the Department of Music at Harvard University, where he continued to teach until moving to Vienna in 2015 to start work on the New Senfl Edition. In addition to his research and work on the NSE, he has taught courses at Berkeley, Harvard, New York University, Excelsior College, and the University of Vienna.

Research Fields

  • History of the Book
  • Music of the 16th and 17th Centuries
  • Early 20th-Century Popular Music
  • Migration & Diaspora
  • Multilingualism

Recent Publications

“Music, Language, and Mobilities in 17th-Century Bohemia.” Music in the Mediterranean Diaspora, ed. Kate van Orden, forthcoming.

“Dripping with Honey: Extravagance and Uncertainty in a Set of 17th-Century Moravian Partbooks.” Musicologica Brunensia, forthcoming.

“Francesco Terzio and Tomáš Jaroš, Singing Fountain, 1564–8. Garden of Anne of Bohemia, Prague.” The Museum of Renaissance Music, ed. Vincenzo Borghetti and Tim Shephard, forthcoming.

“Beyond ‘Hopeless Fortune’: Ludwig Senfl’s Consolation for Maria Jacobäa of Baden.” Senfl-Studien 3, ed. Stefan Gasch, Birgit Lodes, and Sonja Tröster, pp. 127–176. Vienna: Hollitzer Verlag, 2018.

“Translating Sorrow: Giovanni Battista Pinello, Gentil’huomo Genevose at the Dresden Court.” Journal of Musicology 33 (2016): 121–163.

Is there no one here who speaks to me?: Performing Ethnic Encounter in Bohemia and Moravia at the Turn of the 17th Century.” Diasporas 26 (2015): 17–34.

Recent Courses

  • Music and Book Culture in 16th-Century Europe
  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Musicologies Around the World
  • Early Music Editions
  • History and Methods of Early Music Publishing
  • Exploring Renaissance Music
  • Art, Rock, and Pop from the 1960s to the Present
  • Comedy in Early Modern Music