Wintersemester 2024

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Performance Practicality: Historical Performance Practice on Modern Instruments

Studienniveau: Bachelor, Master
Lehrende: Christian Westergaard und Toke Møldrup

Kursinhalt: This course focuses on building bridges between the craft of music making in the past and the art of interpretation today. Through concrete tools, through stepping in the shoes of the well-educated musician of 17th and 18th century, you will gain knowledge about composition, performance, context and concrete practice, all with the purpose of gaining stylistic fluency and vocabulary.

Termine der Live Sessions (Zoom): 24 October 16:00 CET, 7 November 16:00 CET, 5 December 16:00 CET

Detaillierte Kursbeschreibung: https://globalconservatoire.com/courses/courses-fall-2023/performance-practicality/



Art of Improvisation

Studienniveau: Bachelor
Lehrende: Richard Thomas, Mark Armstrong,
Paul Robinson, Tim Watts

Kursinhalt: This course is aimed at both composer/performers and Principal Study Performers who have an existing command of their instrument but would like to develop improvisational skills. A prerequisite for opting for this course is a willingness to go outside of your comfort zone. The course is mainly assessed through submitted recordings of improvisations within the following headings: Jazz Improvisation (Mark Armstrong), Baroque ornamentation (Richard Thomas), Sonic Meditations (Tim Watts) and Improvising to external stimuli (Paul Robinson). Those of you with existing experience of improvising will be encouraged to select an option unfamiliar to you. Although the practical side of the course is based in practices from Western Music, the asynchronous content will consider improvisational practices in a wider global context.

Termine der Live Sessions (Zoom): tbc



Ableton Sessions – Creative jamming with Ableton Live

Studienniveau: Bachelor, Master
Lehrende*r: Ferry Ridderhof

Kursinhalt: Ableton Live is currently one of the most creative Digital Audio Workstation software available. The Ableton Sessions course focuses on the use of the session view within Ableton. The main objective of this course is to playfully discover the creative power of Ableton without the immediate concern for a perfect final product. Step by step, you'll learn how to assemble the various layers of a musical work in your own unique way.

Termine der Live Sessions (Zoom): tbc



Harlem Renaissance

Studienniveau: Bachelor
Lehrende*r: Delano Copprue

Kursinhalt: This course offers students an opportunity to study major works of the Harlem Renaissance. With an emphasis upon literature, bolstered by excursions into music and the visual arts, we will examine the historical and cultural contexts, the philosophical and spiritual strivings that animate this vibrant, affirmative cultural flowering. Discussions will range from aesthetics to criticism, with particular focus upon artistic voice and vision. Along the way, we will reflect upon the enduring legacies of the Harlem Renaissance within the broader landscapes of creative activity.

Termine der Live Sessions (Zoom): 7.9 (10:00-11:00 Eastern time), 4.10 (10:00-11:30 ET), 25.10 (10:00-11:30 ET), 6.12 (10:00-11:30 ET)


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