Audience Award:

On the three days of poster presentations, each conference participant had the opportunity to vote for their favourite “Posters of the day”.


Poster of the Day: Wednesday  hier

The effects of relaxing music on patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging

Zsuzsa Földes, Esa Ala-Ruona, Birgitta Burger & Gergely Orsi


Poster of the Day: Thursday  hier

Theses from the Viennese music therapy training course (1959–2014): historical research study investigating theses’ contents and methodologies

Hannah Riedl & Thomas Stegemann


Poster of the Day: Friday  hier

Looking for sound identity – Laboratories in a disabled center in South Tyrol

Grazia Parente & Fabio Circelli


Jury Award:

An international jury consisting of distinguished scholars in music therapy decided upon the jury awards: Freya Drossaert (Belgium), Cochavit Elefant (Israel), Wolfgang Schmid (Norway), Monika Smetana (Austria) and Ferdinando Suvini (Italy). We are very thankful to the jury members for their work and efforts!


Jury Award 1st Prize (€300 donated by the Viennese Institute for Music Therapy)  hier

Music and Public Health: Music in the everyday life of adult Danes and its relationship with health

Lars Ole Bonde,, Knud Juel & Ola Ekholm


Jury Award 2nd Prize (recognition award)  hier

Possible transfer and evaluation of use of visual art techniques to music therapy

Anna Graf


Jury Award 3rd Prize (recognition award)  hier

AutKom: a musical-bodily based group training supporting adults with autism and intellectual disability

T. Bergmann, K. Herberger, J. Birkner, T. Sappok