Cultural diversity in the arts, sciences, teaching and university structures

47% of students at mdw are from abroad. The arts and science are characterised by the globalisation of the education market, the cultural sector and the reception of culture. Worldwide migration and the related new social compositions pose new challenges for research and teaching.
What does being faced with 'cultural diversity' mean for everyday interaction, for dealing with different languages and cultural characteristics, with artistic concepts, abilities and teaching methods, curricula and canons at mdw?

The concept of transculturality serves as a point of departure, given that the prefix 'trans' means the crossing of borders and passing through a wide range of different spheres of imagination which lie beyond binary structures, such as one’s ‘own' and the ‘other’, while with the second part of the word, 'culturality', the concept of culture itself is questioned.

The purpose of the events which will take place as part of Transkulturalität_mdw is to initiate a process of discussion and reflection which involves various methodological and content–related approaches and which – alongside a lecture series starting in the winter semester 2014-15 – will also include various events by the Centre for Further Education. 

Project team: Julia Fent, Ursula Hemetek, Harald Huber, Therese Kaufmann, Gerda Müller, Hande Sağlam.

Contact: Julia Fent
Coordinator for Transkulturality_mdw
Institute of Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology
mdw – University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna

T: +43-1-71155-4210