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The New Master of Arts in Music Therapy

This summer semester, the first students are commencing their studies under the new Master of Arts in Music Therapy curriculum. This master’s degree programme joins the Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy (launched in 2020) to complete the step-by-step replacement of the old music therapy diploma programme with a new BA/MA structure.


Music Therapy and Society

The endeavours of practicing, researching, and teaching music therapy are always embedded in broader contexts with which they interact. The reciprocal influencing that occurs here can be examined on various levels.


Music Therapy Opens Doors

Im September 2022 war Lilly Haller zusammen mit ihrer Musiktherapeutin Brigitte Meier-Sprinz und dem betreuenden Neuropädiater Andreas Sprinz als Vortragende zu Gast an der mdw beim Symposium Music Therapy with Families in Wien.


“Behind every favourite song, there’s a story” (Alligatoah)

Behind any person’s favourite song, there’s a personal story—and behind the project lieblingslied.at [Lieblingslied = favourite song—Trans.], launched in March 2020 by the Department of Music Therapy in light of Austria’s COVID-19 lockdown, there’s likewise a story. It’s a story that we’d like to briefly summarise here.

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