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This mdw Magazine issue’s Special takes a deep dive into the development of film music. We shed light on the role played by émigrés in the creation of music for Hollywood films and also address the general significance of modern film music. What’s more, the present semester witnesses the inauguration of the mdw’s first professorship in media composition with an emphasis on film music. Just what content will be covered by this professorship, how the synergies between film composers and filmmakers might be expanded upon at the new Future Art Lab, and why film composers also need to have a good grasp of directing and editing are things we reveal to you in an interesting group discussion.

You can also read how the mdw is enabling displaced persons to continue their studies via the initiative MORE, find about the excellent early-stage researchers honoured with this year’s Herta & Kurt Blaukopf Award, and learn just how important the impulses generated by the activities of Willi Resetarits and Ruža Nikolić-Lakatos were in contexts including that of the mdw.

Join us in catching an initial glimpse of the newly opened multimedia experience “Mythos Mozart”, for which mdw students rehearsed and recorded fresh interpretations of Mozart’s music. Furthermore, a stage directing student tells us about how students at the Max Reinhardt Seminar learn to stage a production by way of directing practicums, pre-diploma productions, and cooperative arrangements with professional theatres as well as about just what processes are integral to a diploma production’s success. And finally, members of the collective Godot Komplex—who recently won the competition “Let’s Get Digital”—provide insights into how analogue and digital spaces can be melded together with each other, thereby enabling the development of new, hybrid concert formats for classical music.

I wish all of you a great start into this new semester and an interesting read with our mdw Magazine!

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