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For our Special in this issue of mdw Magazine, we’ve chosen to feature an extensive overview of the Department of Conducting with insights on how conductors are trained at our university. This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce two outstanding new teachers of orchestral conducting: Andrés Orozco-Estrada and Sian Edwards speak about their artistic careers to date, the things that are important to them in working with students, and what they’re most looking forward to.

Our warmest congratulations go to the composer and mdw professor Olga Neuwirth upon her receipt of the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize, one of the German-speaking region’s most important awards in the classical music field. We’re also celebrating a prestigious honour recently conferred upon our music sociology professor Rosa Reitsamer: she received the Gabriele Possanner State Prize for gender research.

Join us on a visit to the mdw’s newly renovated location at Metternichgasse 12, now home to the Joseph Hellmesberger Department of String Instruments, Guitar and Harp in Music Education, and get a look at the everyday student life of two of the department’s students in a wonderful photo spread.

Interesting facts relevant to the present Fritz Kreisler memorial year, glimpses into the future work of Graz’s newly designated cathedral music director Melissa Dermastia, and previews of fascinating research-oriented events at the mdw likewise await you on the following pages.

I wish you an enriching read!

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