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To mark the 100th birthday of the Hungarian-Austrian composer György Ligeti, who passed away in 2006, the present issue of mdw Magazine takes a close look at this multifaceted artist. All year long, our University is engaging with Ligeti’s oeuvre both from a musical perspective and from the standpoints of scholarship and music education.

This issue also features an introduction to the mdw’s new “young research award”, which is intended to contribute significantly to the advancement of young people interested in pursuing music-related research.

mdw student and 2022 ARD Music Competition (piano) winner Lukas Sternath sat down with us for a conversation about his day-to-day life as a concert artist and a glimpse into his studies, which he’s now set to continue with Igor Levit in Hannover.

Just how one can succeed in directing a Vietnamese-language version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Hanoi, language barriers notwithstanding, is revealed by Anna Maria Krassnigg of the Max Reinhardt Seminar. And Henning Backhaus, a student at Film Academy Vienna, lets us in on some very personal impressions from his trip to South Korea’s Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF).

A further focus of ours in this issue is the present-day significance of music-related commemorative work: at the Festival Verfemte Musik in Schwerin, Priska Seidl spoke with Volker Ahmels and Gerold Gruber about matters including how to introduce “ostracised music” to a broader public in the absence of contemporary witnesses.

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