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A Story Told in Pictures

Kitty Kino, one of the first women to graduate from the directing programme of Film Academy Vienna, looks back on a long and multifaceted career.

Paradies! Paradies!

That “We-Feeling”

mdw graduate Lixi Frank about the fascination of film production, teamwork, the production environment, and cinema in general.

Immer nie am Meer

A Common Dream of Film

Together with his colleagues from coop99, Film Academy graduate Antonin Svoboda is among Austria’s most successful producers and directors.

Mein Fleisch und Blut

It’s never just about the Monster

With the horror comedy "Attack of the Lederhosenzombies" and the psychothriller "Mein Fleisch und Blut", Dominik Hartl and Michael Ramsauer are breaking new cinematic ground in Austria.

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