Success is something very subjective.

It’s often small successes and big failures that bring us closer to our actual goals. And sometimes, we end up nowhere near where we’d planned, but ultimately realize that we’re in an ideal spot. It’s not just in heuristics that the principle of “trial and error” is a proven one. Those who want to “successfully” travel their own paths need most of all to try things out: they’ll presumably stumble quite often, but ideally, they’ll pick themselves right back up and try again.

This issue’s Special features people’s differing life conceptions and shows the additional help that a university can provide in both planning and realising individual goals: “Achieving Success: I’ll do it my way” provides insights on current developments in the (professional) environment relevant to music and arts universities as well as on how artists and above all the mdw are reacting to them—and in the process, it demonstrates just how diverse the various perspectives on success and its side-effects are.

Articles from this special

A Feel for Yourself

“Until Life’s Realities Teach them Otherwise”

Vienna Music Business Research Days 2016

“People Are Hungry for Music”

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