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“We’re constantly dealing with people who lack emotional experience”

At the 2022 Reichenau Festival, Christian Berkel will make his debut as a stage director with a production of Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening) involving Max Reinhardt Seminar students. A conversation on the existential life crisis of puberty, broken homes, and the power of theatre.

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EINSITZEN with Ferdinand Schmalz

“EINSITZEN – Conversations about Setting and Reflecting upon Contemporary Dramaturgies and their Residues” is an open discussion format, subject to the whims of the moment, that is organised as part of the mdw’s MAS programme Applied Dramaturgy in Music and Performing Arts. At irregular intervals, this series will bring before the microphone guests who hail from theatre, the fine arts, literature, philosophy, music, and other realms of life.

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“And now we have to put ourselves out there”

He does ask himself whether his story will really be of that much interest, says Enzo Brumm right at the beginning of our conversation. 25-year-old Brumm is an acting student in his fourth and final year of study at the Max Reinhardt seminar. As a teenager, he was in the youth club at the Ernst Deutsch-Theater in Hamburg, and he’s now returning there for a production—as a full-fledged actor in a production of Don Carlos.

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Enthusiasm for the Text

During the past academic year, two productions at the Max Reinhardt Seminar—both of which had to be premièred without a live audience—were devoted to works by Thomas Bernhard and Gert Jonke, respectively.

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Sparkling And Hoping

Stage director Wojtek Klemm has joined forces with third-year acting students of the Max Reinhardt Seminar to develop a play about showbusiness itself. Killing of Silent Hopes casts its gaze on the trials and tribulations of life as an actor/actress.


The Pandemic’s Impact on Aspiring Actors

4th-year Max Reinhardt Seminar students Johanna Mahaffy and Anton Widauer are fast approaching graduation. But the ongoing pandemic means huge challenges in terms of training and job-hunting.

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To Form a Strong Ensemble

Friderikke-Maria Hörbe has been a professor of ensemble work and role development at the Max Reinhardt Seminar since March 2020. She recently spoke with mdw Magazine about her teaching work and about how she came to acting.

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