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A Day at isa22

At this year’s 32nd edition of isa, whose motto “Always anew” invited participants to place the positive power of creativity and the motivation to start over and reinvent oneself at the centre of their artistic work and reflection, Israeli pianist Yuval Shmila was among the students. Yuval allowed mdw Magazine to spend an entire day accompanying her.


Un/Learning Norms and Routines in Cultural Practices

A violin suspended in mid-air next to an indoor swimming pool, another producing delicate sounds as if by itself: it was with such unusual impressions that HannaH Walter’s lecture-performance “becoming vyborg. becoming with technology” ushered in the second day of isaScience 2022, aptly fusing essential aspects of this interdisciplinary, hybrid humanities conference with the theme of “Un/Learning: Norms and Routines in Cultural Practices” in Reichenau an der Rax.

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mdw Plus: Come join us!

Perhaps your transition out of active professional life at the mdw was many years back, or you’ve just recently retired. But whatever the case, you still reminisce about your active working life. Many of us would like to remain in contact with the mdw as well as with former colleagues—and this inspired us to launch a project that includes regular get-togethers at the University.


Key Thoughts with Maria Happel

In the series “What do the arts have to do with the Earth’s climate?”, the “Green mdw” initiative is inviting concerned individuals to speak out on their personal approaches to this issue. Maria Happel, born in Spessart, Germany in 1962, joined the ensemble of the Burgtheater in Vienna following engagements in Cologne, Hannover, and Bremen between 1991 and 1999.

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A bubble is a nice friend to have!

Most people know the saying that dreams are often like soap bubbles and can easily burst. The music video A bubble is a nice friend to have, released in 2022, is about precisely such soap bubbles and how it’s extremely important to have dreams and also live them—even while being conscious of their fragility.

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