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Courses and workshops of the Career Center are tailored to the special requirements of the various types of careers in the arts and are adapted on a continual basis to keep up with a constantly changing cultural scene. Media skills training for students of the Max Reinhardt Seminar and presentation skills workshops for artists exemplify the Career Center’s practice-oriented approach.

The Center’s offerings are open to all students and graduates up to five years after graduation, and participation is free of charge.

The Career Center cooperates with the Centre for Further Education, the mdw club, and Wissenstransferzentrum Ost [Knowledge Transfer Center East].


Toolbox and Service

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This area of our website presents valuable information in a “How to...” format to support you in achieving the goals you’ve set for your career.

It includes concise and directly applicable advice on all of the important issues and stages of development associated with a career in the arts..

The “JobStart” section provides practical resources for the initial steps in building your career, with basic information on  important topics such as Austrian taxes, social insurance, and exploitation rights.

The second section, “Communication and Networking”, contains helpful tools for engaging in successful dialogue with event organizers and audiences—like state of the art digital strategies and guidelines for shooting your own (music) video or portrait feature.

And the third section, “Vacancies”, gives you an overview of the current job market for musicians, educators and cultural managers.

The Career Center Toolbox and its services are being expanded on a continual basis.



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Who is allowed to attend the career center's courses and workshops, how to sign up, what are the costs ´, etc...