12th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research hosted by mdw

Hosted by mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Conference will be hosted as a live online event: from 7th to 9th April 2021.


Deadline for submissions via the Research Catalogue (RC): 30th Sept 2020.

Deadline for registering as full users at the RC: Ten days earlier – 20th Sept 2020.


The 12th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research invites submissions that relates to the three attractors dare, care, and share.

It will be the first SAR conference organized as a live online event. We are calling for artistic researchers to present their work, processes, methods, discoveries, knowledge interventions, new insights, understandings, and to engage in exchange – in actions and words, in complex and simple, conventional and unconventional, robust and fragile ways.


We encourage original contributions that take on the challenge of bringing liveness to this mediated online event. Each contribution shall receive ample discussion time (in real time via video conference).

We will support the following presentation formats:

  • Presentation using preproduced material, which will be “presented” and integrated in an interactive online conference;
  • Streamed live-performances/demonstrations.


The conference website (including the detailed call and the link to the submission form at the RC) is now online: sar2021vienna.ac.at

Contact: sar2021vienna@mdw.ac.at

Book presentation - Knowing in Performing, 16 March 2021

Knowing in Performing. Artistic Research in Music and the Performing Arts

This anthology takes stock of current developments in and reflections on artistic research in music and the performing arts. Thirteen international contributions explore the possibilities of processual knowledge production, taking into account participatory and experimental approaches, and examine their institutional implementation. How can performing be transformed into cognition? What does it mean to think through music, theatre, or dance?

The anthology published by Annegret Huber, Doris Ingrisch, Therese Kaufmann, Johannes Kretz, Gesine Schröder and Tasos Zembylas with transcript is based on contributions to the symposium “Knowing in Performing” in April 2018 as well as to the eponymous lecture series that took place at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna from 2018 to 2020. As part of the book presentation, the dancer, choreographer and artistic researcher Evfa Lilja will read excerpts from her opening statement on the state of artistic research.


Free entrance

PROGRAMME (times are approximate)
4.15-4.30 pm: Open waiting room, Arrival time
4.30-4.45 pm: Welcome & general presentation
4.45-5.00 pm: Short lecture by Efva Lilja (Sweden)
5.00-5.15 pm: Presentation of the book contributions
5.15-5.30 pm: General outlook on artistic research at art universities
5.30-6.00 pm: Discussion

The event is a cooperation of the ARC – Artistic Research Center and mdw’s Research Support Office.


Organisation & Contact:

Karoline Feyertag, Research Support

Theresa Dlouhy-Staber, ARC – Artistic Research Center

cover image: Angelicá Castelló – magnetic room


Lecture Series ``Knowing in Performing``

The lecture series  “Knowing in Performing” at mdw presented in two years the transdisciplinary dynamics of  artistic research with special focus on music and performing arts.

Homepage of the lecture series: “knowing in performing” 2018-2020

Recordings of presentations at Mediathek.


Project team: Johannes Kretz, Therese Kaufmann, Susanne V. Granzer, Annegret Huber, Doris Ingrisch, Johannes Meissl, Gesine Schröder, Tasos Zembylas

Coordination: Karoline Feyertag

Organisation: Slavomíra Martišková

Contact & Information: knowinginperforming@mdw.ac.at

Symposium ``Knowing in Performing``

Artistic research as it has emerged and evolved over the last three decades is related to an increasing interest in epistemological questions as well as an interrogation of how artistic practices constitutively support and instigate processes of knowledge creation. Art is thus being looked at both as an object and a medium of research, becoming part of a general discourse on knowledge regimes and research models.

The symposium investigated this dynamic, ever-renewing field of interrelations with a special focus on the performing arts. Highlighting the issue of various implementation models in curricula and study programmes in higher arts education, it critically analysed international institutional policies and facilitated an open debate on how to integrate current practices and discourses into future teaching and research structures.


4 April 2018, 9.30 am – 6.00 pm
Fanny Hensel Hall
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1
1030 Vienna

Website of the Symposium


Therese Kaufmann at Knowing in Performing, a symposium for the artistic science, at the MDW. Credits: Gerard Spee

Rector Ulrike Sych at Knowing in Performing, a symposium for the artistic science, at the MDW. Credits: Gerard Spee

Johannes Kretz and Wei-Ya Lin at Knowing in Performing, a symposium for the artistic science, at the MDW. Credits: Gerard Spee

Thomas Grill at Knowing in Performing, a symposium for the artistic science, at the MDW. Credits: Gerard Spee

PEEK Project ``Quo Vadis Teufelsgeiger``

The arts-based-research project „Quo vadis, Teufelsgeiger?“ (QvT) at mdw investigated over two years the effect of one’s own sound (improvisation) and own musical language  (idiolectic) on the development of classical musicians.

It was the first artistic research project at mdw, supported by FWF / PEEK.

Project Website